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About the Project


Thank you for your interest in informing yourself.

The short version :

A growing library of video files for viewers who are looking for unbiased, independent, nonpartisan, and authentic information

regarding the September 11 Attacks.

No politics, no ideology, no propaganda, no conspiracy theories either, no hypothesis. Just facts, and the images themselves disclose

the most precious information.

No affiliation, neither with any government organization, nor with the so-called 'truth movement'.

These videos are an independent editor's cut. They are not the same as the director's cut, whilst the final cut privilege is held by the government anyway.

The long version :

To me, it's all about people.  Those who lost their lives.  Those who lost a loved one. 

Those who got traumatized in any way by the events.  And those who are looking for answers, but haven't found them yet.

I will not give those answers either.  Not at this moment.  It's still a work in progress. 

Therefore, I am not offering here any hypothesis, not even my opinion, well, basically

not.  For now, I only let the pictures speak.


Those videos are telling their own story.  And they are revealing a lot. 

More than one might think at first sight.  And viewers are able to think for themselves. 

To me, it's personal, without going into details.  But it triggered my motivation to learn more, without relying on others, what I should see, or believe.

And to do my own, independent research work, as well as the desire to share the results with people who are interested in them, maybe people like you.

Please be patient with me.

Survivor tree


I stopped believing in what politicians say no later than the day when I quit my earlier job with the media.  That's already been more than 30 years ago.

Since then, exclusively facts matter.  No politics, no ideology, no propaganda, no conspiracy theories either, no hypothesis, no BS. Just facts, and the images themselves disclose the most precious information.

But I also distance myself from the so-called 'truth movement'.  It is my firm belief that the ah 'truth movement' isn't anything else but a psyop, in order to lead those who doubt the official narrative into a dead end street, using some limited hangouts.  Like the decoy Building Seven, for instance, where the alleged "smoking gun" isn't smoking at all.  The official narrative is surprisingly accurate when it comes to Building Seven.


My videos are a little different from those that are circulating elsewhere on the internet, though the footage is often the same, as it has been released by the government anyway.  I call them an independent editor's cut.  Different from the director's cut, and from the final cut.  I do not rely on video productions made by the government.  But I gladly take note of them.


I refrain from digital image manipulation.  In my opinion, any so-called 'enhancement', as observed in other videos, is tampering with evidence. 

I consider these video documents as material evidence in the disaster investigation.  My objective is to use as much raw footage as ever available for

a highly authentic document, and to avoid edited material if possible.  I also conserve artifacts 'as is', and the limited number of FOIA patches,

which I may use, may have encountered earlier compression losses.


However, I adapted all footage to NTSC standard (SD), doubled the frame rate to 59.94 fps (60000/1001), and tried to restore the audio, if possible, when necessary.  Though working with mostly uncompressed footage, this online version is presented in the HEVC/H.265 video compression format.


Accurate timing is important to me.  I believe in spacetime.  I am using a different Time reference system than the U.S. government or researchers either directly or indirectly affiliated with them.  There is only one official time in the United States, and it is provided by the United States Naval Observatory (USNO) Master Clock.  Back in 2001, it was broadcast thru the Digital Time Code of NIST's WWV /WWVB radio station.  Therefore, I made my own time analysis, whenever possible, using this official time code relayed by various TV broadcasters.

Even though it has generally been released by the government, the copyrights of the footage itself is owned by the videographers, or, in some cases also by the television networks.  The rest is my own work, with reference to Creative Commons and 17 U.S. Code § 17 (Fair use).  These videos have been created for exclusively educational, non-profit purposes.

Dedicated to the lives lost on September 11, 2001, and in the aftermath of that day.  May they rest in Peace.


Thank you for taking the time to inform yourself.

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