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Welcome to my website!

Connie Mazur, Photo Model, Art Model, mature, feminine, versatile, commercial, artistic, publicity, Montreal, Quebec, Canada


Well, you picked a quiet time for this visit.  I recently became a retiree,

but at the same time, decided to start all over.  So, what you currently

find here is more of a work in progress. 

Rooted in Poland, I grew up in an agricultural environment, as the youngest child of survivors of Nazi atrocities.  From a very early age on,

I experienced how Stalinism actually feels, consequently developing

a strong aversion against all forms of ideology and collectivism. 


I did an apprenticeship in hotel management in Canada, but much stronger was the desire to help overcoming the divide between the East and the West, working for Peace.  Having accumulated  ≡ 466 ECTS credits in regional studies, philosophy and linguistics, I evolved into an 

anti-academic who proudly threw away Wittgenstein's ladder.  I have

fairly little respect for academic degrees and titles, my own ones included.  Knowledge and competence surely do not depend on them.

I started writing primarily for one major international news agency,  Berlin-based right on the front line of the Cold War, reporting from Europe before, during, and after the fall of the Iron Curtain.  Occasionally serving as an Army reserve interpreter, as well as on the diplomatic floor.

It was what I saw and heard first-hand from political figures that made me abandon my aspiring career in the early 1990s.  I started working in the aviation industry, gaining experience in airline check-in, in aircraft handling on the ramp, in meteorology, to some degree in the cockpit, until I made it into the tower as an air traffic controller and eventually training instructor.  When I lost my medical certificate, I didn't retire but launched a low-profile modeling career, and this was how this website emerged.   

Starting over now means independent work in historical research and investigative journalism.  I discovered that there still are many unanswered questions throughout the past 90 years, which academics apparently avoid.  Ranging from World War II via the War of Terror until our current, as I call it, War on Dissent, and which deserve unpolitical and unbiased answers.  The same as Rome wasn't built in a day, my new journalistic and research challenge requires a lot of time.  I will gladly keep you informed, and updated, if you are interested in my journey.  But please be patient with me.  Stay tuned.  Hope to see you again.  Thank you for your visit.

Cordially   Connie

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